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Meet SnowBob – your new best friend in sledding

Forget everything you know about sledding – the revolutionary SnowBob sets a new standard when it comes to speed, control and sledding-fun in the snow.

SnowBob is a sled you actively and intuitively control by shifting your weight form side to side. Instead of sitting straight up and down on a conventional sled, turning a steering wheel – SnowBob offers you to dive into the turns, making your body an integrated part of the sledding experience.

The frame you sit on is connected to two skis with flexible joints. We call it the TURNFLEX™ weight shift steering. The joints work like the trucks on a skateboard – individual, adjustable and flexible. Moving into the turns with SnowBob is more than just control – it´s also thrice the fun.

SnowBob is made of sturdy materials and designed to last. The skis are made of injection molded plastic fit for low temperatures and with a perfect finish for maximum speed. The frame is made of powder coated steel tubes and the seat is a flexible and comfortable textile mesh, stretched over the frame. SnowBob has a compact and practical design, making it as easy to pack in your car for the winter holidays, as to the nearest neighbourhood slope.

Join the SnowBob revolution – get the fun you deserve!

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Terms and conditions


  1. Twin tip design provides new possibilities for tricks
  2. Spikes for maximum grip on both front and back
  3. Multiple positions for the front strap depending on she size
  4. Adjustable bindings fit most shoe types and sizes
  5. Heel cup for increased stability and better grip on footwear
  6. Wider and longer design provides better balance and control
  7. Unique edge design for better grip
  8. Strong binding provides good support and fixation
  9. Adjustable bindings fit most shoe types and sizes
  10. Wider and longer design provides better balance and control